New TWIN PEAKS Alert: Gordon Cole Eats A Donut

Can’t be any more clear than that, folks.

Twin Peaks is coming back next year, and even for mild fans like myself (sorry, that rewatch we did back in 2012 really hurt), the idea of more Peaks directly from David Lynch is almost too exciting to handle.

Which is why this video, which in any other case wouldn’t be worth much, is suddenly a hot ticket item:

That’s right! 20-something seconds of David Lynch as Gordon Cole eating a donut. I mean, what more do you want from life? Sure he couldt have sipped some coffee or something, but let’s not act like spoiled brats here. This is fun.

I don’t know if this willingness to be silly will extend to the new show or not. I honestly don’t know anything when it comes to that, and I even read that new book! But it does give me hope that this will be more Twin Peaks season one and less hardcore Fire Walk With Me action (though I really do love that movie).

What do you guys think? Did watching David Lynch eat a donut make you want to eat a donut? Are you already disappointed in the new series? Was CGI Peter Cushing a bridge too far in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Let us know in the comments below!