The Internet Is Having A Field Day With That Audio From The MUMMY Trailer

In which the internet triumphs yet again.

The other day, someone at IMAX dun goofed and accidentally released a trailer for Tom Cruise's The Mummy with ... well, let's call them incomplete audio tracks.

The video's since been forcibly removed from YouTube, but this is the internet, son. Nothing disappears forever. In fact, not only does it not disappear, but it also tends to be repurposed by the internet itself for maximum shenanigans. 

Case in point:

These are the personal favorites of the Birth.Movies.Death. staff, but we'd all like to see many, many more of them. If you see a good one (or feel like making your own!), please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments below for our viewing pleasure. You will be feted as a hero, gain the respect of your peers and be rewarded with many upvotes.

The Mummy arrives on June 9th, 2017.