TWIN PEAKS Revival Finally Gets A Release Date

Get ready to mainline some PEAKS.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here it finally is - a release date for Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival:

But the Devil’s in the details. That first episode is two hours long (actually, I think they are counting it as two episodes). Then, amazingly enough, the next two episodes will appear online immediately after. Showtime’s David Nevins has apparently seen the whole damn thing and calls it the “pure heroin” version of David Lynch, a description that legit makes me nervous the heroin I already take won’t mix well.

That is a lot of Peaks in one night. After all that silence, this new show (which is now confirmed to have eighteen episodes) is going to pour over us like a logging town waterfall, possibly driving us so insane we don’t ever realize or care they only actually made four episodes.

So there you go. You have until May 21 to date/make pals with someone who gets Showtime. Good luck.