Surprise: The POWER RANGERS Trailer Is Actually Kind Of Awesome

This is a movie for children, and children are gonna go apeshit for it.

The truth is, most of the Birth.Movies.Death. staff came of age a time when the Power Rangers were beloved by the kids a generation behind us. As a result, our natural inclination has been to break the balls of the Power Rangers reboot: "Really? We're going back to that well? Okay." It's what we do.

I suspect that, going forward, we will continue to give Power Rangers the side-eye, but credit where credit's due: this new trailer is solid, and it's going to play like gangbusters to its target audience. 

Take a look.

This isn't perfect. A fair amount of the CGI looks dodgy as hell, the entire thing looks strangely dark (it feels like someone pushed the "Dark-N-Gritty" button one too many times), and some of that early footage looks like a cheap Chronicle knockoff. 

But you know who's not gonna care about any of that? Children. Children are going to see this trailer and go apeshit, and that's all a Power Rangers trailer really needs to accomplish. You got some humor, you got holograms, you got rock monsters, you got giant-ass creatures (one of whom appears to be made of ... solid gold?) locked in mortal combat while towering over a small town. They've even got a CGI Bryan Cranston. What more do you need?

Maybe it's not for you or me. So be it. We weren't asking for this movie, anyway. But as Marty McFly once said, "Your kids are gonna love it."

Power Rangers opens on March 24th, 2017.