Check Out Three New Images From Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER

Guys: look how badass Jon Hamm looks!

A few weeks ago, we got our very first look at Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. We looked upon those images, saw that they were good, and wished that we had a trailer to go along with them. 

Well, we still don't have a trailer (Baby Driver won't arrive until August, so we may need to be patient on that front for a bit), but we do have three new images to share with you, thanks to the folks at CutPrintFilm.

Let's take a look.

My two main reactions to these photos are as follows:

  • Jon Hamm looks like a grizzled badass.
  • Jamie Foxx's jacket game is on point.

This is all the Baby Driver goodness we've got for you today, but let's all cross our fingers and maybe a trailer will come along sooner than we're expecting. In the meantime, prepare your bodies for Baby Driver's arrival on August 11th, and hit the comments below to let us know what you think of the photos above (particularly: who's rocking the better jacket - Hamm or Foxx?).