Calm Down, Everyone: The Final POWER RANGERS Poster Is Here

It's got Zords or some shit on it.

Folks, the Birth.Movies.Death. crew is not what you would call "well-versed" in Power Rangers lore. Need a full rundown of every cast from every Tyler Perry movie? You call Evan. Need to know what kind of mittens James Bond wore in On Her Majesty's Secret Service? Phil's got your back. You want obscure Dark Tower facts? I'm your dude. But the Power Rangers? Not really our bag.

As such, we don't really have much to say about Power Rangers' new one-sheet.

My understanding - thanks to the geeks over at Comic Book Resources - is that this poster contains something called "Zords", which I believe are those giant Voltron-ass things in the background. CBR alleges that this is our "best look yet" at the "Zords", and that - if the trailers are any indication - they are presumably on their way to do battle with "Rita and Goldar". Sounds Power Ranger-y, alright.

Look, we've not been shy about giving Power Rangers the business here at Birth.Movies.Death., but I'm sure all of you know that's only because we're so jealous not to be familiar with the property (admittedly, we didn't hate the latest trailer). You guys are gonna have so much fun watching this movie and we're gonna be out in the parking lot, kicking rocks and grumbling about how we've been shut out from yet another lightning rod moment in pop culture. 

Power Rangers arrives on March 24th. It has Zords and someone named Goldar in it.