Stephen King Says Netflix’s GERALD’S GAME Movie Is Horrifying

We suspect Sai King is bias.

Real talk? This little item's a few days old, but since we're all Stephen King fans around here (and, quite frankly, because very little else is happening today), we figured it couldn't hurt to loop back around to it, just on the off chance that some of you missed it. 

Namely: Stephen King has seen a rough cut of Mike Flanagan's Gerald's Game adaptation, and he's got kind words for it:

Well, on the one hand, yeah - of course King's gonna say that. On the other hand, we suppose he could've said nothing at all. And besides, isn't it more interesting to think that someone actually made a Gerald's Game movie that works? I cannot wait to see someone attempt that, and am legit rooting for Flanagan to have pulled it off. 

If a rough cut's already completed, I suppose we won't have to wait much longer to see it for ourselves. Gerald's Game is scheduled to hit Netflix sometime this year, and as soon as we know more about it, we'll be back with an update.