Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS Gets A (Debatably) New Teaser

Alright, enough mucking about: let's see some real footage, Lynch.

Where are you guys at on the return of Twin Peaks? Because stuff like this ...

... is starting to wear down my enthusiasm. My understanding is that all 4,000 episodes of the new season have already been shot and are in the process of being edited into a manageable length, but as of yet we've seen nothing beyond this same shot of Kyle Maclachlan's Agent Cooper walking towards the camera. It was interesting the first time, I guess?

To be fair, the teaser above goes the extra mile by, uh, tacking on the ending from the original series (as if we'd forgotten), but at this point we're just rearranging old shit and calling it "new". Maybe this is a newly-edited teaser, Showtime, but how's about you unleash a real trailer now? This thing is only a few months away and we are starved for information!

Twin Peaks hits Showtime on May 21st.