Mondo Unleashes Tyler Stout’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

You knew it was bound to happen. And now it's here.

Well, it's finally here: Mondo's Captain America: Civil War poster, as rendered by the singular Tyler Stout. Probably best if I just get outta the way and let the poster do the talking, huh?

Here, take a look.

Captain America: Civil War (Regular Edition)
by Tyler Stout
$65 Edition of 750

Captain America: Civil War (Variant Edition)
by Tyler Stout
$110 Edition of 325

Captain America: Civil War (Vibranium Edition)
by Tyler Stout
$350 Edition of 80

So, you know the drill: at a random time tomorrow, Mondo will have all three of these prints (the reg, the variant, and the metal edition) up for sale on its site. You can follow Mondo on Twitter for the announcement that the sale's gone live, but I'm gonna be painfully honest with you - if you're as determined to get one of these as you should be, your best bet is to keep a tab open to the Mondo homepage, a tab you will have to refresh many, many times. Be patient. Be vigilant. And pray that God is on your side when the sale links go live, because these are going to go fast. Don't say you weren't warned.

Anyway, we're thrilled to be debuting this poster to the Birth.Movies.Death. readership, and wish everyone luck during the sale tomorrow. Godspeed to all of you.

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