SUPERNATURAL 12.13 Review “Family Feud”

Let’s all take a moment to giggle about Crowley trying to intimidate Lucifer.

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Since it’s been on the air for forever and a day Supernatural has the opportunity to call back to episodes that happened ages ago and make their stories relevant again. Or, in the case of “Family Fued” tie up old plot holes. Years and years ago, Abaddon brought Crowley’s son from 1700’s Scotland to use as leverage. Crowley found some paternal instincts and took his son away before the Winchesters could send him back in time to his death on a ship set to sink on its voyage to America.

That ship was The Star, and is the center point of tonight’s investigation. Combine tying up old plot holes and calling back to old episodes with some healthy (and unhealthy) family drama, and you’ve got an episode that may not stand out amongst the hundreds, but is still a fun ride along the way.

The boys can’t get Crowley to help them find Gavin. He’s kept him under wraps from the Winchesters since that moment seasons ago, knowing that they’d send him back to where he came from and ultimately his death. Besides, Crowley’s busy trying to torture Lucifer. I’ll give you a moment to stop laughing at that sentence and the King of Hell’s audacity. Once you get done you can celebrate the fact that Crowley, like an idiot, fixed Lucifer’s vessel and seems to have made it inhabitable again. That means more Mark Pellegrino, who plays God’s once favorite son better than any other.

Crowley’s reticence means that that boys have to go to someone else. In this case, it’s Gavin’s grandmummy, Rowena. The Winchesters may be a complicated bunch, but man oh man, they’ve got nothing on the Crowley brood. Rowena has spent season twelve showing a change of heart here and there. She gave up on power and moved on to money after seeing what ultimate cosmic power has done for God and Amara. Since then, we’ve seen her help the boys without anything in it for her despite her halfhearted attempt to make off with an ancient spell book, and be the only reason Lucifer is back down under.

You can’t just change a character at the drop of a hat, though! Even if you could, Rowena losing all of her wickedness wouldn’t be half as interesting as her playing the doting grandmother to torture her son. Which is exactly what happened. Crowley made her kill her pet human person to get rid of the Mark of Cain, so Rowena made him watch while his son willingly went to his death to stop the ghost (his girl) from murdering anymore teachers and to fix the timeline. That is hilariously petty and I’m here for it. Meanwhile, Gavin sure is a bright spot in the dark smudge that is Crowley’s little clan.

Crowley’s brood isn’t the only one with issues. Surprise, surprise, the Winchesters have some drama going on. There’s some credit owed to Mary for telling her boys the truth about her dealing with the British Men of Letters instead of them finding out the hard way. Still, she should have told them sooner. Better yet, she shouldn’t be working with them at all, but that’s not how stories work. Dean’s mad (surprise), Sam’s hurt (shocker) and Mary just wants her boys to listen to her for a second. Really, she should have known none of this was going to work out when she got told to ditch her boys. That’s a real dumb thing to say to a Winchester. Even dumber is a Winchester still thinking there can be a working relationship after a notion like that gets brought up. Or, you know, after you get sent into a trap that almost got one of said boys killed. No one has ever accused this family of being smart, okay?

Family angst aside, we finally meet up with Kelly again. Dagon finds her and saves her from a couple of angels. Dagon, you remember her? The one that got so foreshadowed last week it was painful? Yeah, she’s here now, she has an interest in the baby, did they mention? Guys. I just want to make sure you know that she’s really interested in this baby, okay?

Said baby is a boy! Kelly’s reaction to meeting a demon seems a little strange since she’s literally carrying Lucifer’s baby, but hey, she’s got a lot going on. After a lot of sweet talk, Dagon finally manages to get her to agree to come with her so that she and her bouncing baby spawn of Satan can be safe. If they don’t name this kid Damien I don’t even know what we’re doing here.

That’s pretty much the bulk of the episode. Like I said, it might not be one that fans will immediately remember five years down the road, but they can’t all be “Baby”. Family drama, a human trusting a demon, and a completely selfless sacrifice. It’s rare we see the former on Supernatural, so it was a nice change of pace from people claiming to sacrifice themselves for others when really they’re just scared to be alone.