New FATE OF THE FURIOUS Poster Keeps Things Simple

A poster exclusively for those who didn’t get the whole FATE/F8 thing yet.

Imagine a world where the Fast & Furious series followed along the trajectory we all expected it to. One where Vin Diesel keeps it going just barely as a series of cheaper and cheaper DTV movies, instead of it becoming one of the greatest series ever. Were that series to get to an eighth entry (and somehow have The Rock) this might be an appropriate poster:

Not that this is a series known for its great posters, but this one is especially rough. I get that they want to call attention to their lovely F8 thing, but there have to be more exciting ways to do it.

Still, a lackluster poster is not going to keep me from my excitement for this movie. It feels like the last one only came out two years ago, and here we are again. Except this time Dom is a bad guy working with Charlize Theron, Jason Statham is part of the family and Helen Mirren is going to show up. What a difference two years makes!