ARROW Review 5.15 “Fight Fire with Fire”

He’s the hero Star City deserves, but not the one it needs right now…

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What do you do when Oliver gets a taste of real change in Star City and then has the potential to lose it all? You lie! Or, more specifically, you further the Batman allegory that Arrow has been pushing since day one. He’ll become the villain, because he can take it. You know the drill; you’ve seen The Dark Knight.

“Fighting Fire with Fire” was fought less on the streets and more in a court room, but didn’t sacrifice the action to get there. We still got our limo flip (never get into a limo with Oliver Queen), and there was plenty of punching and gunfire to be had by all. A bonus to the action was Curtis finally getting a win! Sure, that was used to act as a counter for the unbelievably predictable moment when Paul decides to divorce him, but a win’s a win! With the introduction of the T-Spheres came Team Arrow’s first real win against the Vigilante, whether they got away or not.

Speaking of the Vigilante, I’ll be taking everyone who was betting on Adrian Chase being the gun-toting anti-hero’s money now. I also accept coffee and pizza. Arrow has never been one to stick to comic book canon, and moving Adrian away from the Vigilante role was just another way that ends up being a good thing. Of course it’s heartbreaking that he’s the big bad instead of just a slightly misled bad, but if tonight was any indication he is going to be amazing at it.

Furthering Arrow’s need to continue to be a show with more character parallels to Batman than the Green Arrow is Vigilante himself. You can practically see the Red Hood vibes radiating off of the character. Vigilante and Red Hood have always had similar vibes about them; we just know way more about Jason Todd’s past than we ever really find out about Adrian Chase (or the character’s other iterations) so we care about him more.

Does it seem like we’re going over character stuff a lot more than story stuff? That’s because not a lot of story stuff happened aside from the Prometheus/Vigilante WHAT A TWIST moment. I will say that while I didn’t expect Chase to be Vigilante, I hadn’t at all expected him to be Prometheus, so, kudos to “Fighting Fire with Fire” for not being entirely predictable.

We’ve touched on the fact that Prometheus has been MIA lately but still managing to kick Oliver’s ass is past reviews. Last week it seemed like Prometheus was losing that battle. This week showed otherwise. While that’s a story setback, it’s not necessarily a show setback. Heroes lose from time to time, and we all know that the Green Arrow will eventually find himself on Star City’s good side again. Oliver may have handed Prometheus exactly what he wanted by demonizing his hooded counterpart, but his new found hope and optimism has remained intact. That may sound way too touchy-feely for a show like Arrow, but given how much its darkness and despair hasn’t worked for it in the past two seasons let’s just take it for what it is for the time being.

For those who prefer their Arrow with a side of bad choices, Thea and Felicity have got you covered! Even a brotherly conversation with Diggle wasn’t enough to pull our favorite hacker back. The show may not be prone to sticking to comic book canon, but it’s safe to assume that Helix will remain the bad news that it always has been. As for Thea, she’s fixed Quentin, and now that that’s done she has to focus on herself. That can be disastrous for the most noble of people, so it’s not necessarily shocking that she’s choosing to bow out for a while. We’ve seen her struggle with her Malcolm-like tendencies for a while now, so hopefully we’ll find some sort of resolution to that when Speedy returns.

Are you bored hearing about Oliver’s progression this season? Tough cookies. Dinah looked Oliver in the face and told him that Vigilante had eyes on him. He knew that he’d be shot the moment he made it to that podium if his team didn’t make it in time. But he knew his team was going to make it in time. That level of trust is unprecedented for Star City’s vigilante mayor, and I’m here for it.

So, where does all of that leave us? Prometheus has Susan. This is supposed to be hugely emotional, but about five people care about the character so that will likely come up short. Oliver’s no longer correcting her about The Green Arrow, so she’s not going to stick around much longer. Felicity has officially joined Helix because it is possible to be both the dumbest and smartest person in a room; Curtis fixed his balls, Rene wasn’t terrible, Dig’s still Dig and Thea’s off on her own for a little while. Oh, and Dinah is still the badass that she’s supposed to be.

With where we sit currently, I imagine we’ve got about two or three episodes before Vigilante decides to team up with Team Arrow to take on Prometheus. Then we’ll have an all new murdering masked person to try to bring to the light! Or they’ll die. Either way, I smell a redemption arc a-cookin’! Until then, Prometheus got what he wanted, and we’re about to see things bubble over in Star City next week. Oliver gets uppity when you take his girlfriends.