Warner Brothers Wants Matthew Vaughn To Fix Superman

The KINGSMAN director is in early talks to take on MAN OF STEEL 2.

Collider is reporting that WB wants Kingsman and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn to take the director's chair for their Man Of Steel follow-up.

If this site had a "No Shit, Sherlock" category for news items, that's where we'd file this one. 

Bear in mind this is early, early, early talks, but it's fun to ponder. A while back Vaughn told MTV that "Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me." So that's encouraging. (He also called Superman Returns "a mess," and a year later got hired to direct Bryan Singer's X-Men franchise, so think about that one.) 

Vaughn is on a hot streak, so it's not too much of a surprise the big franchises are courting him. It's funny that they're going to the guy behind the nihilistic-as-hell Kingsman and Kick-Ass movies to brighten up their Superman flicks, but here we are.

I suspect he doesn't take the gig; they danced around each other in 2010 and nothing happened. We'll keep you posted!