Contest: Win Ken Taylor’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY Posters

Add the artist's distinctive imagery for the upcoming IFC Midnight release to your collection.

This Friday IFC Midnight is finally releasing The Devil’s Candy, and it just might be your brand of Satanic, heavy-metal themed murder and mayhem. I caught it at Fantastic Fest 2015, and have been curious to see the public’s reaction to it ever since. As I said a while back, “The Devil’s Candy is a delightful cocktail of the occult, familicide, and heavy metal, anchored by a delicate air of dread and a couple of really great performances in Ethan Embry and Pruitt Taylor Vince.”

If you’re a fan of that sort of thing, or just a fan of artist Ken Taylor, we’ve got a contest for ya: IFC Midnight is giving away two The Devil’s Candy posters - and the first one is signed by star Ethan Embry. Two readers will win one poster each. 

Here are the posters!

That's the signed one. Here's the other:

They will no doubt tie together any Satanic-themed room in your home.

Here’s how you win:

  1. Leave a comment below. One comment. Multiple comments get you disqualified.
  2. Wait for Friday.
  3. On Thursday, two winners will be selected at random from the comments below.
  4. On Friday we'll edit this post (and announce on Twitter) to announce who those winners are.

UPDATE: Rex Holmes and Lisa Schneller Bieser - you won! Find me on Twitter and DM me your mailing addresses.

Your comment can be whatever you want - much like life, this contest is not merit-based. But don’t take that as an excuse to not hold yourself to a higher standard. Remember, only one person can perform self-improvement on you.

The Devil’s Candy hits theaters, VOD, and digital on March 17th,