Aquaman Looks Super Serious In Yet Another JUSTICE LEAGUE Poster

It must be JUSTICE LEAGUE poster day.

Just a few moments ago, Evan showed you a very underwhelming Justice League poster. We're now back with another Justice League poster, this one focused on Jason Momoa's Aquaman. It's not nearly as half-assed as that other one-sheet, but still ... this isn't the day for releasing mildly interesting one-sheets.

So you've got your Jason Momoa, you've got your big JL, you've got your sunset (or maybe it's a sunrise, you don't know), and you've got Aquaman's totally rockin' X-Games trident. We're pretty sure this is just the first of five Justice League posters headed our way, probably leading up to the film's new trailer, which will get here on Saturday.

Oh, and this banner's also making the rounds. 

Sure, okay. 

Stay tuned for more Justice League posters and that brand-new trailer this Saturday. Until then, hit the comments with your thoughts on, I dunno, anything you want, really. Just pace yourselves: we're gonna be doing this a lot over the next 72 hours.