THE MUMMY Gets Another Confusing Trailer

Paint it bad.

I still can’t believe this summer will bring us an actiony tentpole Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise that is intended to bring a whole horror universe to the big screen for years to come. And yet here we are:

What’s bolder? This whole idea in general, or the fact that they kept another instance of the Tom Cruise scream after all the fun we collectively had with it last year? I appreciate a good double-down.

I have less appreciation for the weird “Paint it Black” needle drop here, the way it’s used, and the fact that this particle needle gets dropped not once but twice in the same trailer. There’s a lot of try-hard to this whole Mummy thing.

Obviously, that’s not a good sign, but I also sense a bit of confusion here that could lead to a pure and good WTF movie when this finally hits. I remain sort of perversely excited for whatever the heck The Mummy ends up being. How about you?