The Trailer For THE BEGUILED Is Here, Is Perfect

We think this is going to be something special.

The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled is here, and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

There are, one supposes, two ways to watch this trailer: having seen the original 1971 adaptation by Don Siegel and starring Clint Eastwood, and not having seen that film. If one has seen the original, one suspects this will be the best kind of do-over - an examination of the same material from a completely different point of view. It’s 100% possible that Ms. Coppola has remained totally faithful to the narrative of the story but has made a film that's the polar opposite of its predecessor.

It’s a legitimately exciting cinematic experiment, but hard to get into without spoiling! Caveat emptor in the comments below.

The Beguiled stars Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Dunst and Elle Fanning. It premieres at Cannes, and we get it on June 23rd.