CARS 3 Trailer: The CARS Series Gets Its ROCKY BALBOA

Hey, maybe this one will be good.

The Cars 3 trailers thus far have been tonally strange affairs focusing on a horrific crash Lightning McQueen suffers early in the film (I assume). Now there’s a new one that is actually safe for children:

The plot’s refreshingly simple with this one. McQueen is getting aged out of his sport and needs to bust his ass training for one last shot to prove himself before retiring into obsolescence. It’s a story we’ve seen a bunch (Rocky Balboa! But with Rocky III’s beach running!), just now in car form.

I’m not a mark for these films, but they appear to be insanely popular with children (of all ages, but mostly the single-digit variety). More power to them, I suppose. Making an out and out sports movie with this premise seems like Pixar’s best chance of producing one of these critics can actually embrace. Okay, I might be stretching that a bit.