Please Enjoy Two New Ass-Kicking WONDER WOMAN TV Spots

We couldn't be more ready for this movie.

We're inching ever closer to the release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, and each new TV spot and trailer only increases our certainty that this is a DC Universe film worth getting excited for. Star Gal Gadot looks capable of kicking much ass, Chris Pine appears to be doing his usual superhumanly-charming schtick, and...well, we could maybe do with a little less speed-ramping, but I suppose that's an aesthetic choice the DCU is stuck with for the time being.

Last night, Warner Bros. released two new TV spots for the film, and they're both great. The first is called "Together"...

...and then there's this one, titled "Power" (note: contains no Kanye West).

It's fun being excited about a DC Universe movie, isn't it? 

Wonder Woman arrives on June 2nd. You guys as hyped about this one as we are, or have the past few DC movies left you too skeptical for all that? Sound off in the comments below.