Now Ryan Gosling’s Wandering Around On A New BLADE RUNNER 2049 Poster

This one's got a cool car on it!

A little while ago, the Blade Runner 2049 Twitter feed unveiled a brand-new poster wherein a t-shirt-wearing, befuddled-looking Harrison Ford wandered through the desert. We figured that meant a Ryan Gosling-centric version couldn't be far behind, and...

Well, here we are.

Here's an interesting thing I neglected to mention on the Harrison Ford post: that first poster was accompanied by the caption "You know his past. Discover his future." The Gosling version is accompanied by "A new civilization begins now."

Hm. Very interesting. 

Don't forget: there's a somewhat-mysterious Blade Runner 2049 event happening this coming Monday. We're not sure what will happen during that livestream (New footage? New trailer? They gonna drop some serious spoilers on us?), but we'll be keeping a close eye on it, so stay tuned.

In the meantime: what do you think? You guys like this one more than the Harrison Ford version or nah?