THE MUMMY: Get First Look At Mr. Hyde In New Featurette

He looks… like Russell Crowe.

Featurettes are lame. We hardly run them. And that is because they are lame.

But sometimes one comes along that has an extra sweet morsel of unexpected goodness. You could say this one for The Mummy contains that in the form of your first look at Russell Crowe’s Mr. Hyde:

Let’s be clear. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that this is just a mid-transformation shot and the final Mr. Hyde will be a bit more dramatic. Or… maybe the just put some contact lenses on Russell Crowe and told him to get nuts with it. I’m honestly hoping for the latter, as this movie is already a super strange beast with mistake written all over it. Might as well get freaky.

Don’t let that make you think I’m down on The Mummy, by the way. I do not think it will be good, but believe me - I CANNOT wait to see it. This doesn’t look like your average mediocre time at the movies.