WONDER WOMAN Gets New Footage In Chinese Trailer

If you squint, you can almost see a real villain.

A lot of people are out there complaining that there hasn’t been a big enough push to promote Wonder Woman. Maybe that’s true in some grander scheme, but over here we’re getting tired of writing up trailers and posters and shots of Lego toys and dildos (that actually might have been a different movie).

But that’s the job and when something notable comes along it’s our duty to share it. Such is the case with this new Chinese trailer for the film:

There is a fair amount of new footage here, but it’s all cut at speeds that make things hard to catch. I think you can see some kind of tentacle action, and that’s for sure a Christ pose happening at one point. Asshats are going to have a field day with that bit, I’m sure.

But a lot of this stuff we’ve seen before, which isn’t the worst crime since for an international trailer. I do have high hopes for this film, and look forward to liking my first DCEU movie when it comes out June 2.