Now with 100% more Jerrod Carmichael.

Despite yesterday’s warnings, I assumed we were all done with Transformers 5 trailers. It seems like there have been so many. But I guess not, as another one has just arrived:

This thing opens with Mark Wahlberg shouting a sentence I can barely understand, followed by a dinosaur puking up a car. I suppose there is comfort in the consistency.

The rest is largely the same as previous trailers, with the new added bonus of Jerrod Carmichael humor and a SHOCKING moment where Bumblebee explodes and then puts himself back together with magic or something as I wish I had any reason to care about what happens to that character. 

On the other hand, the one thing this movie has going for it to break the mold, Sqweeks - a supposedly cute and damaged Vespa transformer - is nowhere to be found. I think Bay is worried people will think he’s lost his mean-spirited edge.

Hey, we live, we die, we get Transformers movies every couple of years. This is the human condition. There’s nothing we can do about it.