And there's some nifty Spidey merch to go along with them!

After being wonderfully introduced last year in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel's new Spider-Man is about to hit the big screen in his very own movie (though I'm pretty sure you already know this). Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th, and tickets are available for purchase right at this very moment!

Tickets aren’t the only goodies waiting for you, either. Alamo Drafthouse intends to welcome Peter back home in style. In conjunction with the ever-wonderful Mondo, they’ve got some great looking pint glasses and a pin set available for all of your web-slinging needs. Both the glasses and the pins’ art embodies the new chapter of Spider-Man while still paying homage to the classic Spidey feel. All of ‘em look like they hopped right out of a Saturday morning cartoon!

The tickets, pint glasses, and pins are all available at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the nation, as long as supplies last. That means make sure you don’t sleep on these designs! You never know how long Mondo merch will be around! If you’re looking to order them at the same time as your tickets, just make sure you’re selecting the proper options and these beauties will be all yours!