Alamo Drafthouse’s Lil’ Hands On A Car Body Contest Will Fix Your Heart

You have to see this.

In honor of Cars 3, Alamo Drafthouse held a contest last week in which little kids got to win a cool toy car so long as they were the last tyke touching it. If you’ve seen Hands on a Hard Body or read our article on the contest, you should be familiar with the concept.

Well, it happened. And it was just as adorable as you’d hope. But don’t take my word for it. There’s video!

First up, the really young kids:

And next, the slightly less young kids:

Look, it’s Friday. You’ve had a tough week (I don’t know your life, fam, but these days it’s a safe assumption). We all need a little lightness to help us get through this last workday. Perhaps you can find it by watching these kids have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and making fart jokes.