STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Teases You With Another Likely False Release Date

Set phasers for September.

Poor Star Trek: Discovery. Once a show that held all our hopes and dreams upon its shoulders, now a long-term prank on nerds everywhere. Its only possible road now is one of redemption after losing its showrunner, stalling and stalling its release, and giving us that weird-ass trailer.

What we could use is some good news. I hope this qualifies.

According to Variety, Star Trek: Discovery finally has a new release date: the show hits CBS September 24. That’s a Sunday. And yes, the first episode will be on actual television before shuffling off to CBS’ streaming service.

That’s not all. Apparently, the show will run 15 episodes in two parts. Part one runs through November 5. Part two picks up sometime in January. They specify January 2018, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Let us all bow our heads and hope this isn't just Lucy holding the football for us again.