Luke Strikes Back In New THE LAST JEDI Photo

In which a Hungarian movie magazine hooks up that new STAR WARS ish.

These days, you take your Star Wars: The Last Jedi tidbits where you can get them. Sometimes they arrive in the form of Last Jedi cast-member tweets, sometimes they're EW exclusives, and sometimes they're cover images from a Hungarian movie magazine called Mozimania.

Like so.

Yes, that's Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker on the brand-new issue of Mozimania, looking exceptionally pissed off. Here's another version that's been going around, without all the accompanying text and whatnot.

This is a great shot of Hamill and we're happy to be looking at it, but here's the really interesting part: that line at the bottom of the magazine cover, the one that says "Luke visszavag"? According to our own Phil Nobile, Jr. (who has - and we're not saying this to brag - totally unlimited access to Wiktionary), that phrase translates to "Luke strikes back." That's an interesting caption to throw on your Star Wars: The Last Jedi cover, isn't it?

Anyway, now you've seen it, now you know what it means, and now you can discuss. Please do so now in the comments below.

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