Bond Talk After Dark: 007 vs. Indiana Jones

We get a little archaeological and find a fight scene between two icons. Sort of.

Last week’s James Bonding podcast saw the Matts pivot to Indiana Jones, a character born in many ways from Lucas and Spielberg’s Bond fandom. It's a great listen, and I was reminded of an interview with Daniel Craig (and I’ll be damned if I can find it now) where he revealed that a large inspiration for his take on Bond - as of Skyfall, at any rate - was Indiana Jones. It's exemplified in Skyfall's casino fight - Craig's Bond takes lumps like no other Bond, and his eventual success has as much to do with luck as it does skill. It's all pretty Indy. “The circle of life,” as Bond nonsensically said in 2012.

I couldn’t find the interview, but I did find this: Young Daniel Craig vs Young Indiana Jones!


Actress Karin Dor passed away this month. Her You Only Live Twice character Helga Brandt doesn’t tend to top the lists of Bond henchwomen, coming as she does on the heels of Thunderball’s Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi). But there's room for more than one evil ginger in my heart, and I’d argue Brandt (and Dor) makes her mark in the film with just a handful of memorable scenes. She also starred in a handful of German krimi films which are worth chasing down.


At a screening of Eon Productions’ Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool, producer Barbara Broccoli was happy to report that not a whole hell of a lot is ready on Bond 25:

“We've got the biggest and most important piece in place, which is Daniel [Craig]. I'm very happy that he's coming back. So, to me, that's the crucial thing. And we're just looking on everything else...We don't have too much in place, but we've got the main man in place, so that makes me very happy…We've got our Daniel; we've got to find the director. We're working on the script and we'll see... Hopefully by the beginning of the year we'll have more news on all those fronts.”

Time to update your Christmas wish list, Bond fans. We aren’t hearing about a Bond 25 director before February, I’d wager, and I suspect you’re not getting an official title announcement until next fall.


Eon Productions’ OTHER spy movie, The Rhythm Section, has been filming in Ireland, and early spy pics indicate it’s going to be a rather bleak affair. Meanwhile, Bond fans continue to lose their minds that Eon is spending time making anything but Bond films. But not me. I got your back, Barbara! Everyone needs a break from Bond now and then. You do you, lady. 

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