Kong: Skull Island

Release Date March 10, 2017

Let’s get one thing straight: KONG IS KING. Cinema’s original (and best? Let’s argue about it in the lobby after the movie) giant monster returns with a brand new spin on our favorite giant ape: less BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, this iteration of Kong is more APOCALYPSE NOW.

Tom Hiddleston (THOR, CRIMSON PEAK), Brie Larson (ROOM, SHORT TERM 12) and Jason Mitchell (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, BARRY) go deep into the jungles of Southeast Asia searching for giant monsters in this Vietnam War-era update, and boy do they ever find them.

With a bigger, meaner Kong and a setting that allows the story to become a parable for man’s turbulent relationship with nature, KONG: SKULL ISLAND promises to reinvent this classic monster for a whole new generation and to return Kong to his rightful throne.

brie larson, john goodman, samuel l jackson, tom hiddleston
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Screenwriter Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein

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