The Circle

Release Date April 28, 2017

You are opting in to a world without privacy. 

In THE CIRCLE, based on the novel by celebrated author Dave Eggers, Emma Watson is a bright young woman named Mae who joins a rising tech company. She has hopes for the future - both her own, and the world’s - and she sees The Circle as the vehicle for all of those hopes. But as The Circle’s revolutionary technology allows people to livestream their every movement all day, every day, questions about the very future of human society and the right to privacy arise. 

As Mae climbs the corporate ladder and willingly gives up more and more of her own privacy (“Secrets are lies,” is a motto at The Circle) she meets a mysterious older man - the legendary Tom Hanks - who warns her that what The Circle is doing will lead to the rise of a totalitarian surveillance state where everyone will cheerfully opt in to being spied on 24 hours a day. 

A gripping thriller dealing with topics that are ripped from the headlines, James Ponsoldt’s adaptation of THE CIRCLE couldn’t come at a more relevant time. Is there a future to personal privacy… and can anything be done to save it?

emma watson, tom hanks
Director James Ponsoldt
Screenwriter Dave Eggers, James Ponsoldt

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