When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, it's a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.

The Foreigner

London businessman Quan (Jackie Chan) thought he’d put his past behind him, until a terrorist bombing claims the life of his daughter. But push Quan too far, and he’s going to push back.

Seeking revenge, Quan offers government official Hennessy (former 007 Pierce Brosnan) a hefty reward for the names of the bombers. But when the deal is refused, he embarks upon a cat-and-mouse face-off with Hennessy, whose own past may hold the key to the bombers’ identities. What unfolds is FOREIGNER: a propulsive conspiracy thriller with stakes no lower than life, death, and the truth.

Reuniting Brosnan with two-time BOND director Martin Campbell (GOLDENEYE and CASINO ROYALE), FOREIGNER adds all-time action legend Jackie Chan to the mix, guaranteeing the kind of smart, physical action-thriller they don’t make enough of anymore.

Blade Runner 2049

A young blade runner's discovery of a long buried secret leads him on a quest to track down former blade runner, Rick Deckard, who's been missing for thirty years.

The Florida Project

The Magic Inn is a cheap motel in Orlando, Florida, and the people who live there are barely hanging on. These folks, well below the poverty line, struggle from day to day just to make ends meet. But THE FLORIDA PROJECT, the latest film from TANGERINE maestro Sean Baker, isn’t a grim wallow in the lives of the poor. It’s a poignant, heartfelt and deeply entertaining celebration of people on the edge, all told from the point of view of a rambunctious 6-year-old girl who views all of life as a big adventure. 

Baker’s TANGERINE was a look at the lives of transgender prostitutes in LA, and like THE FLORIDA PROJECT, it was a film bursting with energy and humor. Baker brings his eye for realism and humanity from the City of Angels to the Magic Kingdom, but he doesn’t miss a move - if anything THE FLORIDA PROJECT is a major step forward for one of the most exciting young directors working today. While TANGERINE was shot on an iPhone (and, by the way, looked stunning), THE FLORIDA PROJECT is sumptuous in its 35mm cinematography.

Baker previously worked with non-professional actors, and while he still casts most of THE FLORIDA PROJECT with unknowns and real people, Willem Dafoe is incredible as the gruff manager of the motel, earning Oscar buzz coming out of the film’s Cannes debut. Dafoe is magic working with newcomers like Bria Vinaite, a feisty 22-year-old trying to raise her child with no money, and especially Brooklynn Prince as her daughter, Mooney, who Variety calls “a real find.”

Truthful and wonderful, THE FLORIDA PROJECT is one of this year’s must-see movies.

The Square

The Square is a poignant satirical drama reflecting our times - about the sense of community, moral courage and the affluent person's need for egocentricity in an increasingly uncertain world.

American Made

A pilot lands work for the CIA and as a drug runner in the south during the 1980s.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

A former boxer-turned-drug runner lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets deadly.

Battle of the Sexes

On one side is a male chauvinist pig. On the other side is a hairy-legged feminist. In the middle is a $100,000 prize (and many more sponsorship dollars). The 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis match between champs Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King grabbed the attention of the nation, and now the full - slightly ridiculous - story can be told.

For 55-year-old publicity-hound Bobby Riggs (played here by Steve Carrell) the Battle of the Sexes was a great show; he saw it as a chance to come out of retirement while drawing some attention to the sport he loved. For 29-year-old Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) it wasn’t just a sideshow; it was a chance to bring respectability to the sport of women’s tennis and the opportunity to bring female athletes out of the shadow of their male counterparts. 

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Ferris bring their trademark heart and humor to this real-life story, giving us a cast of strange, flawed and lovable people. Soaked in the polyester energy of the 1970s, BATTLE OF THE SEXES is a backhand volley of fun and excitement, a 40-year-old story that’s entirely relevant today.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman's journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.

American Assassin

Exploding from the pages of Vince Flynn’s best-selling thrillers, AMERICAN ASSASSIN is a high-octane political thriller with the highest stakes imaginable.

When Mitch Rapp’s (Dylan O’Brien, THE MAZE RUNNER) girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack the new CIA recruit throws himself into his work more than ever, training with Cold War vet Stan Hurley (the legendary Michael Keaton) to hunt down the men responsible. But what they discover is more terrifying than they ever imagined - a legendary terrorist called The Ghost (Taylor Kitsch, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) who is looking to trigger World War III in the Middle East.

With its pulled-from-the-headlines situations and gritty, covert ops action, AMERICAN ASSASSIN is exactly the sort of edge-of-your seat thriller that gets your heart - and fists - pumping.


A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.


Stephen King knows what scares you, and IT was his magnum opus of chills. Director Andy Muschetti proved that he can present unsettling imagery in MAMA, and when teamed with King he brings our most intimate nightmares to life onscreen in a film that is guaranteed to frighten even the jaded horror hounds in the audience. Finally, one of the great modern horror stories gets the big screen treatment it deserves!

Ripping the facade off small town life, IT pits a group of 1980s junior high outcasts against an unspeakable child-killing evil that takes many forms, including the horrifying and unforgettable Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Too many modern horror films settle for jump scares and startling noises. IT brings the real terror, true skin-crawling tension and fright that will have you screaming in your seat… and then checking under your bed before you go to sleep. 

Let’s be honest: a lot of Stephen King movies are duds. They miss the essential nature of the horror master’s best work, which parallels the most mundane stuff with unspeakable horrors. King’s monsters live not in a fantasy land but right here, on your street, in the broad daylight. IT gets that, and as a result it’s one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made. No one understands the place where idyllic youthful innocence intersects with existential horror like Stephen King, and IT is as much a heart-wrenching story of the loss of innocence among a group of good friends as it is the tale of a shape-shifting, kid-killing entity.

Updated for modern audiences (the 1950s setting is now the 1980s), IT gives a new interpretation of one of horror’s most enduring modern icons - Pennywise. The TV miniseries version of IT gave us a Tim Curry interpretation of the child-murdering clown, and now in the movie version Bill Skarsgård gives us a whole new, wholly hair-raising take on this candy-colored creature. You think you’ve seen scary clowns? You ain’t seen nothing yet. And you’ll never look at an innocent red balloon the same way again.

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