Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo BET Awards

The greatest pop song of the new millennium gets performed live at the BET Awards.

The world got just a little  bit weirder recently when Antoine Dodson and Michael Gregory appeared at the BET Awards to do a live version of their smash hit The Bed Intruder Song. I have to tell you that I, without irony or posing, love the hell out of that song. It’s the weird example of a novelty song being actually excellent, and once you hear it, The Bed Intruder Song takes up residence inside your brain.

What’s weirdest is that this is a good example of the way media has changed. While being on TV was probably pretty exciting for all involved, their song had much wider exposure on YouTube than they would get on just about any TV show. I guarantee more people saw Antoine Dodson in a few minutes on YouTube when the song debuted than saw him on BET. In fact, I bet this clip gets more views than the broadcast. Yet for some reason there’s still that prestige that comes along with being on the teevee…