Michael J Fox Goes Back In Time For the Spike TV Scream Awards

Marty McFly recreates past glory in the service of basic cable.

Everybody is all abuzz at the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future; possibly the greatest film trilogy of all time (step off, I mean it), Back to the Future is returning to the pop consciousness in a big way with a Blu-Ray release, a theatrical rerelease, a zillion unlicensed t-shirts and art prints and people finally figuring out stuff like ‘Oh hey, it was Twin Pines before Marty went back in time.’

Now Spike TV’s Scream Awards is hosting a reunion of the cast (which isn’t as big a deal as you might think - they all got together earlier this year at the Hollywood Autograph Show in Burbank. Even Michael J Fox), and they’ve recreated the original trailer for the first film as an ad. Here’s the question the ad never answers: why the fuck is the SCREAM AWARDS doing a Back to the Future reunion? That feels outside the realm of the SCREAM AWARDS.