Let’s Give Grudging Respect to SAW 3D’s Advertising

While the SAW franchise has always had arty key art, the supposedly final chapter raises the bar to truly bizarre levels. Enjoy a look at the poster art of SAW 3D – all of which is guaranteed to be better than the film.

The Saw franchise might be the worst horror franchise in bad horror franchise history*, but it's always had terrific advertising. That's because they come from Tim Palen, Vice President of Theatrical Marketing and a real life artsy professional photographer. Say what you will about Saw, the imagery has been great.

Saw 3D is taking the visuals in a new direction; previous posters and ads in the series have been artistic compositions focusing on pulled teeth or disembodied heads or people stuck in traps. Now the Saw film marketing aesthetic has turned up the volume all the way to Weird and maybe Pretentious. I kind of love it.

Saw 3D, you somehow became badass.

*Says the guy who has only seen the first two.