A Lost Dr. Seuss Book Found… And It’s Up For Auction

If you’re a Dr. Seuss fan and you have deep pockets, this is your lucky day.

A ‘lost’ Dr. Seuss manuscript, called All Sorts of Sports, has been found and is up for auction.

Seuss started working on the book 40 years ago, but was dissatisfied and put it away. An assistant dug it up in 1983, and he considered giving it another go but decided against it. His reasoning? The lead character, Pete, seemed like a schnook, despite being a very good athlete. Here’s a bit from the letter he wrote the assistant explaining his decision:

This is not entirely apparent in the text, but when you picture these negative scenes in illustrations, you will find that negatives are always more memorable than positives. And I think the reader’s reaction will be, ‘What’s the matter with this dope?’

The first seven pages of the manuscript, which includes various sorts of sketches (many of them simply stick figures), are in Seuss’ handwriting. Remaining pages are in an assistant’s hand, with Seussian notes and corrections. This is an unusual look into Seuss’ process, and for hardcore fans it’s obviously exciting that something new has surfaced.

About that auction - as of the time of writing, is over $21,000. The bidding ends today, so hurry it up! Click here to bid.