Liam Neeson Has Forgotten Everything Except How To Kick Ass In The New UNKNOWN Trailer

The director of ORPHAN and the star of TAKEN get together to create some Berlin-based action movie havoc with UNKNOWN. Here’s the trailer.

It’s been a bad year or so for Liam Neeson, what with the tragedy of his wife’s passing and the tragedy of Clash of the Titans (I kid, the movie’s not that bad), and he’s been working a lot. Which, it turns out, is to our advantage. At least judging by the trailer for Unkown (once called Unknown White Male), an action film in which Neeson gets into an accident and finds that his entire life has been wiped away - not even his wife (the lovely Mad WoMen January Jones) knows who he is anymore. What hasn’t been wiped away, though, are his intense ass-kicking skills, on copious display in the trailer.

Unknown is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who is dangerously close to becoming one of my favorite genre filmmakers. His remake of House of Wax is easily one of the best remakes of this current glut, and last year’s Orphan is pretty much a bona fide trash classic. I LOVE that movie. What I’ve seen of Unknown makes it looks like Collet-Sera could go 3 for 3 with me (but of course he’s made 4 films; I just haven’t seen Goal II).