The Fake Eli Roth Movie Trailer That (Sort Of) Fooled Eli Roth

A trailer for a movie called CLOWN shows up on the internet. It’s supposedly an Eli Roth film… except it’s not. What it is is a very, very clever and well made fake trailer. And after watching it you’ll wonder when this movie CLOWN is coming out after all.

I first saw the trailer for Clown, which purports to be an Eli Roth film, when Roth himself tweeted about it.

This so good even I thought it was real: I WANT TO SEE CLOWN!! (Thanks @Kristimcarlson for finding it!)

And it is really good (you can see ihist embedded below). The work of a Brooklyn filmmaker collective, Clown isn’t just a spot on spoof of modern Lionsgate trailers, it’s kind of an awesome idea. Watch the trailer to see what I’m talking about, but I guarantee when it’s over you say  to yourself ‘Hey, there’s maybe a movie in that.’

Certainly more of a movie than Machete...

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