The Real Life Two-Face Goes To Jail

Life imitates art as a thug called Two-Face - because of his severe facial burns - goes to jail. Do you have the guts to gaze upon the visage of the real Two-Face?

This Two Face doesn’t seem quite as colorful as the comic book version; this guy just sounds like a murderous thug. Here’s the skinny from

The “muscle” for one of the most violent and powerful drug gangs to plague Camden over the last two decades was sentenced today to two life terms in federal prison today for the killing of one man and the attempted murder of another.
Juan Rivera-Velez, known as Two Face because the left side of his head was disfigured in a flaming car accident, opted not to address the court and did not apologize to the mother and daughter of victim Miguel Batista. Both women tearfully addressed the judge prior to sentencing.
Last November, a jury convicted Rivera-Velez in the 1996 murder of Batista and the attempted murder of Rafael Colon-Rodriguez seven years later.