Our Daily Trailer: The Redacted SPIDER-MAN Teaser

In the summer of 2001 Sony released a teaser poster and teaser trailer for 2002’s SPIDER-MAN. Both featured the World Trade Center, and both would be recalled after 9/11. Here’s the missing teaser trailer for SPIDER-MAN, featuring a whole mini-story shot just for the trailer.

In August of 2001 I went to Atlanta, Georgia for Dragon*Con. While I was there I got a teaser poster for the upcoming Spider-Man movie; I was beyond excited to see what Sam Raimi, one of my favorite directors, would do with my favorite comic book character. At the end of the convention I went home to New York with the poster, and hung it on wall.

Smash cut to 9/13/2001. A couple of days after the World Trade Center falls, Sony begins to reach out to people who had been sent the poster. They wanted it destroyed, and if they had sent you a bunch of copies to give away in a contest or something, they wanted them sent back. See, in the poster Spidey had the Twin Towers reflected in his eyes.

What was worse for them was the teaser trailer. An expense trailer featuring nothing from the movie - every moment of it was specially shot - it ended with Spider-Man foiling a bank robbery by webbing the getaway copter between the Twin Towers. It seemed obvious that no one going to theaters that weekend would want to see that.

So all the posters disappeared and the trailer was pulled. Except that I still have that poster. And the trailer still lives on the internet.