Toybox of the Damned: OVER THE TOP Table Accessory

Toybox of the Damned looks at toys that are weird, odd, inappropriate, stupid or just plain inexplicable. This week: The arm wrestling table accessory for the Over the Top toyline.

But what if Over the Top had hit! It was the Rocky of dudes sweatily straining against each other; it’s like professional wrestling but with more clothes and less moves. If Over the Top had hit, maybe the toy line from the film would be even remotely in your consciousness. Hell, maybe you’d have a kid sized arm-wrestling table sitting in a corner.

The back of the 16 inch(!) Sylvester Stallone figure box gives you an overview of all the Over the Top toy goodness, including an exercise set to ‘Build up those young muscles!’

That kid-sized table and even the brawny, upside pear-shaped figures (with real arm wrestling action!) make a certain kind of sense. What makes less sense is that the Over the Top toymakers thought that not only would you buy these figures, you would buy a separate piece of doll furniture so that those dolls could arm wrestle. Yes, there was an arm wrestling table that you could purchase for your Over the Top figures. A totally lame, useless arm wrestling table. The annals of weird toys is full of dodgy accessories, but this is among the dodgier.

Over The Top toy images from

That’s it. The table comes in a box all by itself like that. On the one hand, buying it gets you a piece of plastic with ‘Cannon Films’ emblazoned on it. On the other hand… it’s a fucking table.

And what is it about Stallone and weird accessories? Decades later he would return to the action figure scene with brand new Rocky toys; one of the ‘figures’ was a hunk of meat that came packaged on its own. Man, I bet I should have saved this sucker for its own entry further down the road, but I just want to share it with  you now: