The New Beverly Presents A Q&A For ORPHAN: Watch the Video!

One of the most underrated modern great trash films played at the New Beverly Cinema this past week, and the screenwriter, producer and star came by for a Q&A. We have the video of the entire thing. Watch and celebrate that truly weird movies still get made!

Orphan is a movie I dismissed on initial release - like most people, I’d guess - but caught up with on home video, where I fell in love with it. Seriously, it’s a modern trash classic; the places this movie goes are incredible for a mainstream studio release in 2009, and I think Collet-Serra pulls off almost all of the crazy reveals and switcheroos.

Last week the majestic New Beverly Theater ( in Los Angeles showed Orphan and brought in screenwriter David Leslie Johnson, producer Erik Olsen and the orphan herself, Isabelle Fuhrman, to do a Q&A. Dennis Cozzalio, who runs the must-be-bookmarked blog Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, video taped the entire session, missing only the last few minutes when his tape ran out.

I couldn’t make the screening or the Q&A, so I’ll be watching this with rapt attention as well. Q&As at the New Bev are almost always terrific, and this one is moderated by none other than Don Mancini, who is pretty much the guy behind the entire Child’s Play series (the New Bev was showing Seed of Chucky as the other half of the double bill).

Be aware this Q&A completely spoils Orphan. If you haven’t seen the film yet, go see it and then come back. And thank me for making you watch something so awesome!

Remember, if you’re in Los Angeles and have seven bucks burning a hole in your pocket and want to see a great double feature (yes, two movies for seven bucks), head to the New Beverly.

OrphanQ&A from Dennis Cozzalio on Vimeo.