The Geekiest Green Lantern Pumpkins You’ll Ever See

A collection of color-coordinated pumpkins celebrating DC Comics’ emotional spectrum. If that’s not nerdy, I don’t know what is.

Geoff Johns, the guy who is helping shape DC Comics’ movie future as well as the guy who has been shaping Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s story for the last few years, retweeted this picture of a set of Halloween pumpkins representing the emotional spectrum.

If you’re not familiar with Johns’ excellent run on Green Lantern, he’s introduced the concept that green isn’t the only color to get a power ring. There’s a whole spectrum out there, which includes the previously established green (willpower) and yellow (fear). The latest additions are red for rage, orange for greed, blue for hope, indigo for compassion and sapphire for love. And for each of those colors there’s an entire Corps of Lanterns. It’s actually an awesome addition to the mythology of the DC Universe, and has led to some interesting storylines (including the Black Lanterns, who were zombies!).

The pumpkins were created by Twitter user @Jilibabi and her boyfriend. They’re about the nerdiest thing I have seen this Halloween season, and I have to give those two credit for letting their fanboy flags fly.