The Renewed Mind is the Key

I’m on the fence, but in his own way, this guy is some sort of badass.

This is my first post on the newly launched Badass Digest and I’m already starting to have doubts about the validity of the title of “badass” I’m about to bestow.  Just hours ago we wrapped the Thrill The World party here in Austin, where simultaneous with other groups all over the globe people were learning and some were butchering Michael Jackson’s epic dance moves from Thriller.  That’s why I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim the guy in the middle of this blistering dance trio a badass in his own sliver of the world.  Look at the confidence of his moves, the grace of his long-stride moonwalk, the precision of the playful head-nods to his fellow dancers.  His choreography is tight, and trust me, that shit is hard.

I’m not 100% convinced as to the evangelical effectiveness of the hypnotically repetitive “rap,” but two things can be said for certain: 1) “The Present” and “Truth” can slam out a toe-tapping jam and 2) this dude can take home any girl he wants from the church social with his one-two punch of unblinking mind-eraser stare and tick-tock breakdown boogie rhythm.  I’ve decided.  This guy is some sort of alternate-reality badass.

Thanks to Eugenio Mira, director of the badass AGNOSIA for turning me on to “The Way.”