Badass Buy: Jumbo NES Coffee Table

Feel like you have just too much money? Then feel free to spend quite a bit of it on a coffee table shaped like a Nintendo Entertainment System console.

With the recent 25th anniversary of the American launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System, this coffee table in the shape of an NES feels timely. It also feels really expensive - the table is currently at $810 on eBay. And the seller doesn’t seem to recommend shipping.

Weirdly the table doesn’t come with the jumbo controller, which seems like a natural part of the package. The seller seems to have made more NES coffee tables (he calls this his first), so maybe it would make sense for him to sell the plans and the stencils that he used to create them; he could probably move quite a few of those with nostalgia being what it is.

Click here for the auction. It ends October 30th.