Creative Team Behind 100 BULLETS Moving On To Space

Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso are getting back together for SPACEMEN, a scifi Vertigo comics miniseries.

100 Bullets, the longform crime/conspiracy comic from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, is one of my favorite books of recent years. There’s a lot to like about 100 Bullets, but I think the best thing is that it’s a rare example of a creative team in perfect, orgasmic sync. Risso and Azzarello combine words and pictures to tell multi-layered stories unlike anyone else out there. I honestly think the last time a creative team was this in sync their names were Stan and Jack.

When 100 Bullets came to its preordained end I was a bit bummed, but it seems that these two have decided they must keep working together. While appearing at the Crack Bang Boom comic convention in Argentina, the duo announced that they’re going to collaborate on a Vertigo miniseries called Spaceman. It’ll be 9 issues, and could involve future miniseries. 100 Bullets cover artist Dave Johnson will also be back.

So the band is getting back together. And they’re leaving the gritty streets for the blackness of space (or something else scifi oriented, anyway). Just point me to a pre-order for the trade paperback, I’ll pay for it now.