John Lennon’s Entire IMAGINE Album Coming to ROCK BAND 3

John Lennon’s seminal album, IMAGINE, is coming in its entirety to ROCK BAND 3 (which gets released tomorrow!).

As a die-hard Rock Band geek, I’m very excited about the release of Rock Band 3, now with a very cool-looking wireless keyboard accessory (keyboard as in piano, not as in typing). One of the tracks on the new game disc will be John Lennon’s ultimate classic Imagine, and now Harmonix, publishers of the game, have announced they’ll make the entirety of Lennon’s Imagine album available as downloadable content.

That’s pretty exciting news, even if a release date hasn’t been announced (we’re assuming it’ll be this week or next - Harmonix rarely announces DLC albums far in advance). Every song on Imagine is great, but the track I’m most excited to sing is How Do You Sleep, John’s bitter fuck you to Paul McCartney (“How do you sleep, you cunt?”), with a great guitar part by George Harrison. Listen to an excerpt below.