Watch A Certain Badass Talk HALLOWEEN On TV Tonight

Tonight on the Biography Channel: HALLOWEEN: THE INSIDE STORY. Featuring none other than Devin. And a bunch of other people, most of whom actually made or appeared in the movie HALLOWEEN.

Earlier this year I sat down in front of  a neat replica of the Myers home from the original Halloween and blathered on and on about that film, horror movies and all sorts of other junk. Apparently the filmmakers found something worth featuring, since I’ve made it to the final cut of Halloween: The Inside Story, airing on the Biography Channel tonight at 9PM Eastern/6 and 10PM Pacific. How exciting.

What’s actually more exciting is that director Phil Nobile managed to nab some people who have never spoken on camera about the film before. They got The Shape himself, Nick Castle, who tends to avoid these sorts of retrospectives, and they’re the first doc to get Kyle Richards, who played Lindsey, and Will Sandin, who played the young Michael Myers. Plus me! And Horror Movie a Day’s Brian Collins, who I consider one of the current experts on the Halloween series.

So if you get Bio (which I don’t, sadly), check it out tonight and get in the mood for All Hallow’s.

Click here to see a clip about a guy who rebuilt a perfect replica of the Myers house and now lives in it.

Click here to see a clip about the sequels.