Cineboobs Presents: Katey and Jenni Talk BACK TO THE FUTURE

Welcome Badass Digest’s new content partner, Cineboobs. Today Katey and Jenni of Cineboobs get on video to discuss the rerelease of an obscure little gem called BACK TO THE FUTURE. It’s not even in 3D.

You may have heard that a little movie called Back to the Future is having an anniversary this year, complete with a theatrical rerelease and  a massive Blu-Ray push. Well, Katey Rich (of Cinemablend) and Jenni Miller (of Cinematical/Moviefone) saw the rereleased film and got together on video to talk about it. Somehow this was Jenni’s first time seeing the movie. What the.

Katey and Jenni talk seeing Back to the Future in theaters for the first time from Da7e Gonzales on Vimeo.