John Milius Is Writing A Novel… Based On A Video Game

The director behind CONAN THE BARBARIAN and RED DAWN returns to familiar territory with HOMEFRONT, a video game where North Korea invades the US. But John Milius isn’t just writing the game, he’s penning a tie-in novel.

The career decline of John Milius will always be a mystery to me. Sure, the guy is a wingnut, but he’s a very talented wingnut. I can’t figure out if it was his output that got weaker or the material available to him; it seems like out of all the USC kids who came to run Hollywood in the 80s, he’s the one who fell by the wayside.

So that means whenever Milius is doing anything I get interested. Even if it’s the novel adaptation of a video game, which appears to be his next project. The game is an FPS called Homefront, and it’s familiar territory for Milius, since it’s basically a rehash of Red Dawn except with the North Koreans. I imagine it’s more serious and realistic than that spectacularly cheesy and great film, though.

Milius is credited with writing the novel along with Raymond Benson, who wrote a whole bunch of James Bond novels and who adapted Metal Gear Solid into a book, which must have been no small task at all. I bet it was 3000 pages long and filled with inane codec conversations. Anyway, I suspect that Benson probably did most of the heavy lifting on the Homefront novel, which is due out in January.

I’ll definitely pick up the game, but I haven’t quite gotten myself to the place where I can actually buy a video game novelization. I guess I have a couple of months to steel myself.