Our Daily Trailer: CREEPSHOW

Give us this day our daily trailer! This time it’s the George Romero/Stephen King collaboration CREEPSHOW, which brings to the screen the essence of EC Comics’ crazy and gory TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR series.

Last week I spotlighted the worst Stephen King movie, so how about a moment to remember what might be the best Stephen King movie? No, not Carrie or The Shining or Sometimes They Come Back Again - Creepshow! The George Romero-directed feature is just a blast, and it perfectly captures the EC Comics vibe that the HBO show Tales From the Crypt would bring home a few years later.

Creepshow is a mixture of adaptations of King short stories and original stories written for the film; when I was a kid I thought it was an adaptation of the King/Bernie Wrightson comic book of the same name, but it turns out I had it backwards. Whichever came first, the movie is a tonal blast, with Romero having fun and bringing his best Argento colors to play. Each of the stories is fun, although I’m partial to Father’s Day, if only for the disco dancing Ed Harris.

There have been a couple of sequels to Creepshow, but none ever captured the flair of the original. This is actually a franchise I’d like to see picked back up; god knows King has enough short stories to adapt.

This trailer does a nice job of capturing the tone of the movie, and even shows off some of the vintage EC Comics-esque design work. Interestingly it claims to feature stories of mad doctors, which is blatantly untrue. False advertising strikes again!